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Self-Propelled Trac

Due to the Fertiliser Ordinance with the self-propelled trac it is possible to spread and inject slurry into ground within one work step. The multifunctional and robust selfpropelled trac offers maximum capacity, speed, manoeuvrability and usability for an excellent day output. And thanks to the high spreading power a low cost price per hectare and hour will be achieved. At the same time the low weight per tire leads to soil protection because of reduced ground protection. All Vredo self-propelled tracs provides maximum comfort on the road and field.

Selfpropelled trac Vredo as two- and three-axle versions VT7138

- two-axle version VT-7138-2
- three-axle version VT-7138-3
- continuously variable cvt- transmission

Selfpropelled trac Vredo as two-axle version VT4546

- optimum manoeuvrability
- unique hydrostatic-mechanical drive train
- lowest weight per tire
- maximum comfort on the road and field