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MEYLO® eccentric pumps

For viscous media, thick mushy mixtures or even long ways of lines Meyer-Lohne offers a stepped range of Eccentric pumps from own production. In conjunction with frequency converter and pressure sensors, the discharge and the pressure adjustment is infinitely variable. Thus, a dose out of small quantities for farrowing sows and baby piglets is guaranteed.

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MEYLO® Pumping power bloc with Turbo Cut

Because of foreign bodies in liquid manure it is appropriate to install displacement pumps with cutters and foreign body separators as optional equipment. To compensate output losses because of the cutters' upstream filter with cutting blades, the MEYLO® Turbo Cut 5000LS is equipped with an integrated suction accelerator. Cutter and suction accelerator are powered by an oil engine. The Turbo Cut is mounted directly in front of the pump. It seperates solid materials of the manure before they reach the tank. The pump is spared and the distribution system stays without blockage. Due to the specific structure of the Turbo Cut the flow streams directly into the pump without curves and angles.

MEYLO®-Foreign Body Cutters

This hydraulic driven MEYLO®-CUT is an effective protection against foreign bodies for all self-suction liquid manure tank vehicles. The equipment is installed at the suction flange. There the fibres and cuttable solid components in the liquid manure are cut before they get into the tank. In addition with pump tank vehicles the auger displacement pump is also protected against foreign bodies. Thus the following distribution system stays blockage-free and in addition the interruption of the work for removing the foreign bodies is avoided. Finally this dirty and annoying activity belongs to the past with the MEYLO®-CUT.

MEYLO® Three-way valves

The drive of the valve can follow by hand, pneumatically or hydraulically. The slide is adjusted via the crankshaft and the corresponding in- and outlet is shut off. An automatic tensioning device presses the brass slide flexibly against the casing wall. Grease can be brought between the casing wall and the brass slide via a lubrication fitting, in order to lubricate the sliding surfaces and to guarantee the operation smoothness. A shut off device prevents a damage of the three-way valve when blocking by a foreign body.

MEYLO® suction accelerator

The MEYLO®-suction accelerator is suitable for all self-suction liquid manure vehicles and serves as a filling assistance. The equipment is installed at the suction flange and can be used optionally over an additional T-fitting by a second suction line. The suction accelerator works like a centrifugal pump and supports the delivery rate of the re-connected pump in the suction area. The liquid manure is accelerated and even suppresses the foam formation before the liquid manure gets into the tank. Liquid manure tank vehicles become more efficiently and by suppressed foam formation (f. ex. with cattle liquid manure) the vacuum tank vehicles are nearly completely filled. The hydraulic driven MEYLO®-suction accelerator has an optimized pump impeller and delivers foreign bodies through the robust casing without problems.

MEYLO® booster pump

The MEYLO® booster pump is suitable for all vacuum tank vehicles and serves for the pressure increase at the outlet side for distribution technologies (f. ex. hose-towed distributor). The equipment is installed at the outlet flange and can be used optionally with an additional T-piece resp. trouser piece for two distribution heads resp. distributors. The booster pump functions like a centrifugal pump and supports the delivery performance of the ballast vacuum pump in the outlet area. With this additional technology vacuum vehicles improve the distribution and can be used more efficiently. The hydraulic driven MEYLO®-booster pump has an optimized channel wheel and can be equipped at each available vacuum tank vehicle at any time.

MEYLO® Piadin pump station

The MEYLO® piadin pump station helps when using nitrification inhibitors, to dose the active substance automatically and it ensures at the same time maximum stabilisation of ammonia for a homogeneous mixing inside the tank.

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