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Dock- and suction systems

The spreading of liquid manure has to be made still faster. Tanks with automated suction systems and dock stations help to save time and offer a maximum of comfort. The driver must no longer descend off the tractor in order to couple the suction hose, but he pushes a button for the systems from his driver´s seat. MEYER-LOHNE offers you the following solutions:

Dock station ECO with three foot rack for suction out of pits

The dock station ECO is a stationary dock possibility without slide. It is only suitable for ground pits and lagoons. The ECO dock station is equipped with an flexible rubber funnel as accommodation for the suction arm. The liquid manure in the suction hose runs back into the tank after filling of the liquid manure tank vehicle.

Suction arm AUTOMAX with suction accelerator for suction out of pits and tower tanks

The automatic docking functions in a time- and energy saving way. The suction arm in 200 mm, which is installed in the front of the liquid manure tank vehicle, is electrohydraulically operated from the tractor seat. It can be swivelled both into the funnel of the dock station ECO and AUTOMAX. With the suction arm the annoying coupling on and off can be saved. A run after can be additionally avoided. In connection with the MEYLO suction accelerator delivery performances up to 10.000 l/minute can be achieved.

Dock station AUTOMAX for suction out of pits and tower tanks

With docking on and off the slides will be opened or closed automatically. The dock station is connected to the tower tank or liquid manure pit by means of a flexible suction hose. The dock station can be delivered to the different liquid manure tanks by means of a white triangle in the front loader hydraulics.

Filling rotation giver for pumping over for liquid manure chains

For liquid manure vehicles with integrated pump systems MEYER-LOHNE offers a filling rotation giver for pumping over the liquid manure into the spreading vehicles, liquid manure container or intermediate tanks on the field. The operation follows from the tractor seat.

MEYLO flex-suction crane ECO

MEYER-LOHNE offers a double jointed suction crane for a time-saving fill up of liquid manure for liquid manure chains. With docking on the field the suction crane is inserted hydraulically into the flexible funnel of a transport vehicle, liquid manure tank or mobile liquid manure container. ###more###

The operation follows by multi-function grip from the tractor seat, without becoming dirty. A sealing is also given in difficult area or in inclinations. Thus the fill up at the field edge, on the field and over roadside ditches is improved and become faster substantially. By the flexible funnel and the integrated bellows smaller deviations with docking are unproblematic and wear-free.