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Our History
60 years has been going to the moving and successful history of Meyer-Lohne GmbH. 60 years experience in pig feeding, pump and slurry technology have left their mark in Europe.
We walk in some of them ...

Otto Meyer founds the company as vehicle- and equipment construction in Lohne / Kolpingstraße. He and his wife Maria Meyer began with the production of bicycle frames for his brother Engelbert Meyer / Sevelten.

The production of agricultural machinery begins with fodder vehicles and fodder mixers.

Inclusion of liquid manure tank vehicles and liquid manure pumps in the product range.

The first liquid feeding system for pigs is taken into operation. This development brought the title for the company founder “father of liquid feeding system technology”.

On the new works area in Lohne / Am Hövel the first production hall is established.

Otto Meyer Maschinenfabrik starts with the production of MEYLO®-auger displacement pumps and pump tank vehicles with the brand name REKORDIA®.

Death of the company founder Otto Meyer. His son Hubert Meyer with his wife Angelika Meyer now runs the company as managing director.

Milestone. For the first time a liquid feeding system with electronic weighing technology for dosage in and out is presented on the fair “Huhn & Schwein” in Hanover by the company Otto Meyer Maschinenfabrik. 

As one of the first producers the company Otto Meyer Maschinenfabrik delivers all liquid manure tank vehicles with TÜV-inspection.

In the 25 anniversary year a further hall is estab-lished. The production area grows on 3000 m².

The one-man business „Otto Meyer Maschinen-fabrik“ is changed into „Maschinenfabrik Meyer-Lohne GmbH“.

Establishment of an own development and production department for fully automatic computerised liquid feeding systems.

Start of PROFI-feeding generation.

The company is present with sales- and service partners in almost all European countries.

Start of WINfeed®-feeding generation.

New building and reconstruction of production halls for the liquid manure area as well as a new office building. The production area increases on 5000 m².

Start of production of REKORDIA®-Tridem-liquid manure tank vehicles.

Andreas Meyer joins the company, supporting his parents in the management.

In the 50. anniversary year the company is increased on 50 employees.

Purchase of neighbour property. Enlargement of factory premises to 10000 m² surface area and 5000 m² production-, storage-, office- and exhibition building.

At the fair AgriTechnica liquid manure tank vehicles with glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GfK)-tanks and as innovation the MEYTRONIC computer control with touchscreen remote control are presented.

As innovation on the EuroTier the company Meyer-Lohne presents a new sensor eat time controlled feeding system with electronic valve bus control.

The new WINfeed® Pro-Ident Invoke required feeding as liquid and dry version are presented at the fair EuroTier. Coupling with iPhone and iPad is possible for service and remote maintenance.

The service offer for liquid manure technology now includes auger displacement pumps with a pump power output of 11000 liter per minute as well as a four-axle Quatro with electronic crab steering. The WINfeed® valve BUS-system according to protection norm IP 69K has been added to the Meyer-Lohne product range.

With self propelled tracs from Vredo Meyer-Lohne offers to its customers the opportunity to spread of and inject liquid manure in one single prozess step.

The new hydropneumatic suspension offers a maximum of safety and comfort when driving over uneven surfaces and streets. In order to obtain an exact dosage of the volume of liquid manure, Meyer-Lohne has developed a hydraulic infinitely variable pump control for MEYLO®-pumps.

Foundation building Kolpingstraße 1951

Company's founder: Otto and Maria Meyer

Office and hall-style buildings Am Hövel 1963

First slurry tanker

First pump

First feeding systems

Main entrance Am Hövel 1995

Aerial photograph 2002