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Transport-logistics and liquid manure chains

Time is money - however, investments cost also money. Apart from the farmer´s normal operation, who transports and distributes the liquid manure with a tank vehicle, there is a number of procedures, where delivery and distribution are separated, in order to increase the impact force.

Meyer-Lohne customers successfully practice an economical system: depending upon field-farm distance 2-3 transport tank vehicles bring the liquid manure directly to the place, where the distribution tank vehicle works. The pump tank vehicle sucks over the liquid manure minute-fast and goes directly again „into the trace“. Efficiencies of approx. 1,5 ha/h can be obtained in this way. The filling over technology can take place with an hydraulic swiveling giver, that is swivelled into the filling hopper of the distribution tank vehicle.

We offer an extract snout at the tank vehicle as a further filling over technology. This filling over technology is the ideally addition in combination with several transport vehicles. A docking device can also be installed at available transport vehicles. These filling over technologies can be operated comfortably from the tractor. After finishing the filling over procedure, a run after of liquid manure is avoided.

Meyer-Lohne offers the following solutions:

Lorry-liquid manure tank assembly

They serve as high-performance supply vehicles from the liquid manure- / fermenting substrate stock to the edge of the field. The high percussive force with favourable operating costs contributes substantially to the fast, clean and environment-conscious transport of liquid manure / fermenting substrates.

The lightweight construction tanks made out of steel or corrosion resistant steel contain up to 23.000 l and can be equipped with hydraulic driven displacement pumps. By means of these pumps liquid manure as well as fermenting substrates can be indepen-dently sucked in or pumped over from pits or high containers. A large automatic filling dome enables the filling by means of a stationary pump. The emptying of the tank onto the field can be made with a docking hopper by means of a suction crane or suction arm of the distribution vehicles. A programmable con-troller controls and secures automatically the filling- and emptying procedure.

CARGO tank trailer

For transport logistics between field and farm, in addition to the successful program of lorry trailer tank vehicles and dolly tank trailers, Meyer-Lohne has developed CARGO tank trailers in sizes of 25.000 to 28.000 litres for the transport with tractors.

The CARGO tank trailer is designed for a maximum permitted weight of 33 tonnes and 60 km/h. It is characterised by a favorable price-performance ratio coupled with low deadweight.
Trailers can be delivered with parabolic or air pressure suspension. There are vacuum or displacement pumps available to fill up the CARGO tank trailer.

All tanks can optionally be delivered in steel galvanized, varnished or stainless steel version.